How to Pack Your Suitcase When Traveling

If your travel date is close and you are wondering how best to pack your suitcase, then you are in the right place. Several factors will influence your choice of what to pack and how much you should pack. First, you need to consider how long you intend to stay in your new location and what activities you’d be involved in when you arrive at your travel destination.

The tips that we shared below will help you pack your suitcase like a pro. In fact, these tips come in handy whether you are traveling with the love of your life, kids, or friends.

Tips for packing for a vacation

#1. Consider who you’re packing for

The first thing to think of when you are looking to pack your suitcase is to consider who you are packing for. Are you packing for a friend, your parents, your kids, the love of your life, or you are packing for yourself? You should answer this question sincerely before deciding on the best strategy to pack your suitcase.

If you are traveling with your better half, a useful strategy will be to park items that belong to both of you in each suitcase. This strategy is a lifesaver in the event that your bags are delayed or even missing. But if you are traveling with your friends and you’d be sharing a villa or staying in the same resort, you can share certain items with them like beach towels and toiletries. Hotels, villas or resorts usually provide some items for lodgers, which you don’t need to bring along.

#2. Research packing lists

Instead of creating a packing list ahead of your vacation, you can save yourself the stress by researching packing lists on the internet. The essence of researching a packing list on the internet is to help you determine what items you need to pack for a specific destination and in what quantities. Packing lists serve as a guide so you don’t miss out on anything. Plus, it helps you avoid overpacking.

Additionally, if you are traveling with your kids, a packing list is useful to help you sort out what items your kids will need in your new location. You will even find some extremely useful items on the list; items that you may not have even considered in the first place.

#3. Don’t take a suitcase that’s bigger than you need

Using a suitcase that is bigger than what you need will eventually force you to pack items that you possibly may not need. In fact, it will even cost you more money because the airline will charge you more for transporting overweight bags. So, it’s best to consider the length of time you intend to stay in your travel destination. This will inform the size of the suitcase to purchase.

Don’t buy a small suitcase, either. A small suitcase will make it challenging for you to pack the essentials. The packing list that you’ve researched above will guide you on what to pack and the quantities. But make sure you leave for any souvenirs that you may purchase when returning back to base.

#4. Check what’s available at your resort

Before you begin to fill your suitcase with items, it’s better to check what’s available at the resort or hotel that you intend to stay. All-inclusive hotels usually have more inclusions in their rooms, which will give you an edge to pack a little lighter. Things like body lotion, shampoo, beach towels, and even toothpaste/toothbrushes are usually included in the payment package. So, before paying for a room, it’s best to inquire about these inclusions or check the hotel’s website if you are not sure of what to expect.

#5. Roll and fold your clothes

Now, it’s time to start packing. Rolling and folding your clothes will help you save space and keep your suitcase organized. The general rule is to place the clothes you will need first at the top. Then pack a couple footwears that you will need in your travel destination. Things like sunglasses, socks, and phone charges can fit into your shoes to save space. Be creative if you are running out of space. Remember, airlines are usually strict with liquids on flights, so keep liquids in each reach. Use a small plastic container to pack liquids to avoid leaks.

Wrapping up

The tips above will save you the stress of packing items you don’t need on a vacation. It will also save you the money that airlines usually charge for overweight. But don’t forget other essentials like your medications, passport and other travel documents. You can use a carry-on bag to pack those if there’s no space in the suitcase.