Traveling with your kids could be a disaster if you have not prepared properly. With busy waiting areas and cramped seating arrangements at the airport and stations, traveling could not be a pleasant experience if you have a toddler. Young children simply don’t have the patience for the security check at the airport. They despise sitting quietly for hours.

Although traveling with children could seem daunting, if you plan and take things calmly, it is possible. Here are some tips that help you prepare and survive while you are traveling with your kids.

Do not rush

Regardless of what stage of the trip you are in, make sure to take things at a good pace. Instead of hurrying, take your time to explore instead of rushing to reach your next destination. Children can get lost in the hustle-bustle of the journey. Hence, being patient and calm is the key while traveling with your kids.

Book early morning departure flights

This is one of the popular stress-free strategies that many parents swear by. Booking early morning flights gives you the best chance to avoid delays at landing and takeoff. These flights are less crowded and with everyone being tired the kids would just want to nap. Also, avoid flights with late-night connections and long layovers if you are traveling with kids. The best thing is early morning airline tickets are cheap and will save you money.

Prepare your kids for what is coming

If your child has no experience flying and traveling, then it is best to talk to them. Let them know what is going to happen likely while you are traveling. Your children would find it fun. Encourage and make it fun and your next travel will turn out to be an adventure for them.

Bring surprises

If you are traveling with a toddler, the best thing you can do is wrap a new plaything and give it to them while you are onboard a flight or a train. Kids love unwrapping new stuff. Moreover, a new toy would be a more attention-grabbing pull. This would distract them from other elements that would otherwise stress them out during a journey.

Prepare a packing list beforehand

While packing for your journey, make sure you have thought about everything. You can use this list as a guide while packing to avoid missing out on the essentials when you have kids along.

  • Carry essentials – It is vital to carry all the essentials like diapers, wipes, sanitizers, and other basic things during your travel. Carry at least two pacifiers if you are sure your child can get cranky. It will comfort them if you have planned a hectic travel schedule. Carry plastic bags for disposing of trash.
  • Tablets and smartphones – Carry tablets loaded with your kids’ favorite games, shows, or movies. If you are traveling with two kids, then you can let them share the device with a headphone splitter.
  • Art supplies – If your child loves coloring, then you can carry crayons and blank paper to keep them engaged when they seemed to be bored.
  • Water and snacks – It’s a must to carry snacks and water while traveling. Pack pretzels, cheerios, nuts, crackers, granola bars, string cheese, or anything else your kids love munching on.


Never seat the kids in aisle seats  

Aisle seats could be dangerous for toddlers. This is because beverage and food cart pass by often and you will have to keep a watchful eye on them all the time. Also, their little hands could be within reach of hot water or coffee. Hence, it’s best to give them window seats.

Do not overpack

You must remember that you can purchase almost anything anywhere. Carry only the essentials you need while flying or traveling on a train or a bus as you can buy other things later if you need them.


Carrying a baby carriage or a stroller

Many parents have this common dilemma when traveling with kids whether they should carry a stroller or sling. The answer depends on where you are going. Are the streets paved or is there off-roading involved? What is your child used to? Carrying a light stroller would be an easy option. It is easy to carry around and will also serve as a temporary bed for your children for a quick nap. They are also light and breathable.